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Title: 1985 "Material Girl" Dress Worn in Music Video
Type: Apparel
Short Desc: Madonna - Marilyn Monroe costume worn in the video Material Girl, 1985 more »


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2000 "Music" Versace Silk Pants Worn in Pop Video

Artist : Madonna
Type : Apparel
Acquistion : 13-10-07
Source : Dealer
  • Versace silk pants worn by Madonna in 2000 "Music" pop video
  • "Music" was released as a single in August 2000
  • It was nominated for Record of the Year, but lost to U2's Beautiful Day
  • The music video was shot in April 2000 at A&M Stage and a nightclub in downtown Los Angeles by Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund
  • It features Madonna in a fur coat with a cowboy hat and a golden medallion, together with friends Niki Haris and Debi Mazar
  • The girls are escorted in a golden limousine, driven by British comic Sacha Baron Cohen in the guise of his Ali G character
  • He takes them to a club, where the girls enjoy a female strip act (of which MTV censored parts)
  • In the middle of the song there's an animated part with Madonna as some kind of superwoman, flying through the sky, trashing her old song titles and DJ-ing at a party
  • Madonna was five-months pregnant with her son Rocco during the filming of the video, which is why an animation section was included
  • In the middle of the video, Ali G interrupts the song to demonstrate his rap skills in order to persuade Madonna to include him on her next single
  • An annoyed Madonna asks him to stop and to put her music back on
  • The video is a bit of a Hip hop parody, and it borrows ideas from the famous "Windowlicker" music video by electronic music artist Aphex Twin
  • Two versions of the video exist: a "regular version" and an "extended version", which features additional scenes with Ali G
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